BCBTB provides manufacturers, practitioners, and researchers with the necessary tools to develop and test implementation of control algorithms, strategies, and systems that significantly improve the performance of both innovative and conventional buildings.

LBNL operates its Building 90 a bit like a living lab. The building’s Energy Information System (EIS) serves as a research platform to determine how EIS can help streamline building operations while improving energy efficiency and occupant comfort. An online dashboard provides a real-time summary of the building’s electricity, gas, and water use.

Explore the Building 90 Dashboard

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FLEXLAB is the only DOE supported facility providing full-service integrated design research for commercial buildings on an entirely customizable, configurable platform.  The facility is uniquely suited to conduct R&D on integrated systems and controls, while lowering the risk for deployment through high accuracy tests that when paired with LBNL’s world-renowned building science expertise and private sector market actors and influencers – can move the marketplace.

FLEXLAB offers a wide range of technical capabilities applicable to emerging technologies development and validation:

  • Real, built environment, testing conditions with capability to conduct true comparison studies
  • Unparalleled data collection, interpretation and analysis capability
  • Risk reduction in early testing and demonstration
  • Insightful Testing Opportunities to speed the “time to market” and reduce risk

FLEXLAB also includes interior testbeds such as the Occupied Plug Loads and Lighting testbed and a Visualization and Virtual Design testbed.